The order of reviewing of manuscripts in "Polzunovsky vestnik"


All articles submitted to the journal undergo peer review in accordance with the requirements for the articles


1. All scientific articles submitted for publication in the journal are subject to mandatory independent (internal and/or external) peer review for their expert evaluation.


2. The authors, without academic degrees, provide in the log the text of the article and external review. It must be signed by the supervisor or other person having the academic degree of doctor of science. Reviews are certified in the manner prescribed in the institution where the reviewer works.


3. Manuscripts are pre-reviewed by editors for compliance with the General requirements of the journal within 3 working days.


4. After a preliminary review, the manuscript is sent to the reviewer, which involved the expert of the editorial Board of the journal (Dr., PhD) in the relevant field or an external expert. All reviewers are acknowledged experts on the subject of the reviewed materials and have in the past 3 years publications on the subject of the reviewed article. Reviewing the article has no more than two weeks. Expertise is confidential. A copy of the review is sent to the author upon his written request, and the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation on request. Reviews are kept at the publishing house and the editorial office for 5 years.


5. The review should include a qualified analysis of the material and its objective evaluation (with the release of its relevance, scientific novelty and practical importance). The reviewer makes a recommendation (positive or negative) about the possibility of publishing the article.


6. The positive review is not sufficient grounds for publication in the journal. The final decision on acceptance of the paper and place it in one of the rooms of the journal is taken at the editorial Board meeting.


7. The editorial Board informs about the decision of the author of the article upon request. The author is not accepted for publication the editorial Board sends its request in writing (electronic) form a reasoned refusal. The authors have the right to improve or change the material.


8. Received and accepted for publication articles will not be returned.


9. For article publication fee to the authors will not be charged.



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