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Peer-reviewed journal Polzunovsky vestnik publishes scientific articles and reviews, covers research issues in material engineering, food, chemical and metal industry.


Before submitting an article, you are recommended to follow:

-  publication ethics;

- rules for article design;

-  subject of the journal;

-  order of consideration;

-  procedure for reviewing articles;

- schedule for articles submission.


Authors are strongly encouraged to register on the Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) platform and submit their digital IDs to the editor.


When submitting a manuscript, authors are responsible for scientific content of the article and confirm that the article is an original work submitted for consideration only to this journal and has not been previously published. Responsibility for unlawful use of intellectual property and copyright objects in a scientific article is borne by the authors in full in accordance with the current legislation.

Required documents for article submission:

- expert report of the organization on possibility of the article open publication (scanned and paper copy);

- authors’ consent to post the article (for each author) (scanned and paper copy);

- manuscript (Word format);

- high-quality translation of article metadata (title, authors, abstract, keywords) and bibliography into English (Word format).

Particular attention should be paid to the design of the article's metadata, since it is these data that are indexed in international scientometric databases.


Additional requirements apply to the spelling of the authors' names, the name of the organization and the title of the article, to the abstract (resume), the list of keywords and the design of the bibliography. Some of this data should be transliterated, sometranslated into English. All transliteration must be done in accordance with the system of the US Department of State.

An abstract is a summary of the article, it describes a clear formulation of the problem that the author solves, motivation to achieve the goal and the result obtained. The volume of the abstract is from 100 to 250 words.

The order of manuscripts consideration

The manuscript of the scientific article submitted to Polzunovsky vestnik editorial board is reviewed by the person responsible for the issue compliance with the journal’s profile and design, and is registered. The editors confirm the receipt of the manuscript to the author no later than 20 days after its receipt. The Editorial Board confirms receipt of the manuscript to the author no later than 20 days after its receipt.

Materials submitted to the editorial board are checked for borrowings from open sources (plagiarism). The check is performed with the help of the Internet resource -

The degree of originality should be not less than 75%.

Then the manuscript is sent to the editor-in-chief, who assesses the scientific character, reliability, validity of factual material, its representativeness, completeness; the structure of the work, the logic of its construction, language and stylistic qualities, implementation of the idea (research goal).

After the approval of the editor-in-chief, the editorial board organizes a double-blind review of the submitted material.

The journal publishes only manuscripts, the text of which is recommended by reviewers.

The period of article review should not exceed five months from the date of receipt of the article for reviewing.

The author of an unaccepted article is sent a reasoned refusal by the person responsible for the issue.

Manuscripts accepted for publication are not returned. Manuscripts that received a negative result from a reviewer are not published, not stored and also not returned to the author.

The decision about the possibility of publication after receiving a positive review is made by the editor-in-chief and, if necessary, by the editorial board as a whole.

Manuscripts are printed, as a rule, in the order of their receipt by the editorial board. In exceptional cases, the editorial board has the right to change the order of publication of articles.

The content of the issue is approved by the editor-in-chief. The text of the manuscript is subject to stylistic and grammatical editing. The layout of the manuscript is agreed with the author.

The authors assume responsibility for the accuracy of the information presented in the article.

The editorial board is not responsible for unreliable data in the articles. Any copyright infringement is prosecuted.

Quoting references to the journal Polzunovsky vestnik are mandatory.

Authors are not charged publication fees, royalties are not paid, and free copies of the journal are not provided.





This work is licensed under a 
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