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The priority aim of the journal Polzunovsky vestnik is to promote the works of scientists from Russia, foreign countries and the CIS countries in the international scientific and information space, present the results of promising research activities in the field of materials science, food, chemical and metallurgical industries, attract an international readership on the subject of the journal.


The main objectives of the journal are to publish the results of scientific activities in fundamental and applied research and to increase the scientometric indicators of the authors and the journal.

The journal publishes materials according to the following subject matters:

05.18.01 – Technology of processing and storage and of cereals, legumes, fruits and vegetables and viticulture (technical sciences);

05.18.04 – Technology of meat, dairy and fish products and refrigeration production (technical sciences);

05.18.15 – Technology and commodity food science of products and functional and specialized purposes and public catering (technical sciences);

05.17.06 – Technology and processing of polymers and composites (technical sciences);

05.17.08 – Processes and apparatus of chemical technology (technical sciences);

05.16.01 – Metallurgy and heat treatment of metals and alloys (technical sciences);

05.16.09 – Materials science (branch-wise) (technical sciences).


The journal accepts articles in Russian or English languages by scientists, young scientists, graduate students, doctoral students, researchers and specialists.



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